• New Tiered Dues for Hyannis Chamber

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    September 04, 2018
    The Chamber has changed the dues structure to a tiered dues system.  General businesses and organizations dues amounts are no longer based on their industry or the size of their organization. 
    There are categories with fixed dues amounts to recognize certain groups that aren’t considered general businesses and organizations such as:
    • Individuals
    • 501(c)
    • Out-of-town companies
    • Home-based entrepreneurs  
    General businesses may now choose the level of membership that they wish based on the benefits they wish to receive. Bronze (old standard), Silver, Gold and Partner. 
    All tiered levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Partner include benefits that were not previously included in your membership.
    • Eblasts
    • Newsletter ads and sponsorships
    • Chamber Circle Membership
    • Banner Ads
    • Member to Member offers
    • Hot deals
    • Discounts on sponsorships and guidebook ads.
    • Social media promotion
    • Business spotlight
    • CEO spotlight
    • Blog Submissions
    • Special recognition
    • Event tickets and discounts
    We also offer monthly memberships.  Monthly memberships differ from annual memberships in that you can cancel any time, you pay via credit card only, and the price is slightly higher.  Call us to enroll.
    During the first year roll out of this new program, we will bill you for the category that we think is most beneficial to you and is nearest to your previous dues.  If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your level, all you need to do is send us a check for the new amount and we will change the tier when we process payment.
    For those of you who sponsor events or place ads in the guidebook, please note the discounts that you will receive at the higher tiers.  This may be the best option for you and deliver a whole new set of benefits at no extra charge.
    We have reviewed the dues of many of the chambers on the Cape and feel that we are among the most competitive, offering the most impact.  

    Details and Pricing
    Todd Deluca, President
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